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Systematic Data Management

Companies have more and more data today, making analysis a challenge: an increasing number of data sources, unclear responsibilities and integration errors are typical hurdles on the path to better data performance. We support you in setting up a data management center, so you can convert your data more effectively into value creation.

Often, data management is a key factor in corporate success. Solid decisions can only be made on the basis of high-quality, well-organized data.

Alexander Schrehardt — Business Unit Manager at INFOMOTION

Effective Data Management is Essential for AI

Data management is the heart of the digital transformation. The more clearly and efficiently data is collected, stored, and managed, the greater the competitive advantage for companies. If employees need simple and secure access to relevant data so they can make better decisions, or if processes need to be automated and tasks assigned to artificial intelligence, then comprehensive data management is essential. One system, covering technology, processes and organization.
INFOMOTION supports companies in developing this kind of comprehensive data management and generating maximum added value from their data. We have been doing so successfully for almost 20 years. We work on a customized, manufacturer-independent, and forward-thinking basis. After a comprehensive analysis, we design custom-tailored data management solutions that work with existing structures for greater cost efficiency. Last but not least, we transmit our knowledge to you so you have the tools you need to manage the next stages of the digital transformation.

Have you optimized your data management? Find out.

Data Management Center by INFOMOTION  —
Smarter. More efficient. More convenient.


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Reference data management

Use a central, user-friendly self-service solution to maintain master and reference data, and enrich data, either on-premises or in the cloud.

Technology, processes

Integrated data quality engine

Once rules have been defined, the solution automatically detects and corrects simple errors in manually entered data – improving data quality on autopilot.

Administration system

Data revision

All changes to data sets are archived and stored with an author for tracking purposes, so rollbacks can be implemented easily and errors can be corrected quickly.

Data Management Center (DMC): Simply Better Quality Data

With our self-service data management tool, you can improve the quality of data in Excel and Flat files throughout your organization before they reach the data warehouse. Once they do, correcting them can be complicated and resource-intensive. Things are different in the data management center: no matter whether your data is in the cloud or on-premises, the management center allows you to eliminate errors efficiently and easily enrich data.


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Data Management
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