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Into the Future At the Speed of Google 

More than 150 services can be operated on the Google Cloud platform. From data management and analytics to artificial intelligence to computing and storage, Google provides all the components companies need to professionalize their data-driven organization. Our certified Google consultants can support you in developing and expanding your Google infrastructure and use cases, as well as in determining your strategic alignment – to ensure top technology means top revenues. 

Ready for More Data Performance? Get More Out of the Google Cloud with INFOMOTION 

As an official Google Cloud partner, INFOMOTION has one goal: to help companies get the biggest advantages possible from the cloud. Together, we can make your business processes faster, your decisions smarter, and your corporate success more resilient. We offer you a wide range of services to achieve this: from planning to implementation and optimization of your cloud strategy. We support you in developing performance use cases, migrating your workloads, setting up and operating cloud infrastructures, and in particular with knowledge transfer to your own team.
Our certified Google Cloud architects and data engineers combine innovation technologies with best practices recommended by Google Cloud and perfected by us. Scalability and flexibility are the focus. After all, we want you to be well-equipped for the future today. You can count on our expertise even after the project is over. Take advantage of our ongoing support and in-house trainings to maximize your value creation with the Google Cloud, enable your organization, and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. 

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Why choose the Google Cloud platform?

1. High-performance computing infrastructure  

Companies can provide applications quickly and efficiently on the platform. Computing options like virtual machines, containers and serverless functions ensure a high level of flexibility, and can handle (almost) any requirement.   

2. Scalable storage    

The Google Cloud provides scalable, resource-efficient, and highly available data storage. Automated features in tools like Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL and Cloud Spanner also reduce manual administrative work.  

3. Data management    

Platform users can choose from a wide range of data management services, such as Cloud Bigtable, Cloud Pub/Sub and Cloud Dataflow. That means you can process, integrate and analyze even huge quantities of data in just milliseconds.    

4. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning    

Machine learning and AI are essential elements of the Google Cloud platform. With Google Cloud AI Platform, TensorFlow or AutoML, companies can create their own AI models and continuously improve their data-driven decisions.   

5. Global scalability    

With the Google Cloud platform, companies can operate and scale their applications and services all over the world. Various options are available for implementation, like Google Cloud Load Balancing or Google Cloud CDN. 

Let our Google Cloud architects advise you. 

Our services – bold. Measurable. Methodical.

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Data Management 

We design and implement data management projects with BigQuery, Dataflow, Cloud Fusion etc. 

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AI/Advanced analytics applications 

We implement complex advanced analytics applications based on BigQuery, Vertex AI, Generative AI, Kubernetes Engine etc.

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Data and analytics 

We design and develop data analytics platforms based on our reference architecture. 

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Data design sprints 

We carry out data design sprints based on Google Cloud Services.

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Dashboard and reports 

We support you in analyzing and visualizing corporate data in Looker. 

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Trainings and education

We deliver the latest practical data & analytics knowledge for Google Cloud platform users. 

SAP x Google Cloud = Data Performance Excellence 

Are you already an established SAP user? Then accelerate your analytic processes with multi-cloud scenarios and manage your SAP landscape via Google Cloud. Market leaders can simplify integration for their users with Google Cloud Cortex. INFOMOTION has the long-term expertise needed to support you in linking the two technologies for added value, so you can get the greatest benefit for your enterprise. The Google Cloud Cortex Framework provides a range of pre-configured reference architectures, integrated solutions, and integration services. That means companies can minimize the risks of developing and providing analytic solutions, and benefit from a much shorter time-to-value. Last but not least, you receive access to various cloud first tools and advanced machine learning functions. Anyone who already uses SAP extensively will experience an all new dimension of data performance with Google Cloud Cortex. 

Our advantages at a glance   

  • Google-certified consultants offer deep technological expertise.  
  • We work with you to identify the potential of AI use cases. 
  • We enable teams and organizations, instead of creating long-term dependencies. 

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Our certified Google consultants design and implement your data performance projects in the Google Cloud. Register for a free initial consultation. 

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