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Data Value Trends for Your Data – Taking the Next Steps Together 

Companies on the path to becoming data performing enterprises have established data structures and processes at a certain level: processes are functional, and technologies are used productively. Now, all they need to do is take the next step. The experts from INFOMOTION support you in identifying valuable trends and potential innovations and in developing scenarios for implementation. 

Our approach delivers clarity on trends and innovations that generate true added value in data & analytics quickly and reliably.

Peter Baumann INFOMOTION
Peter Baumann – Principal Consultant at INFOMOTION

Identify Potential Added Value, Utilize Opportunities 

Companies that stop moving are sure to fall behind. Because of this, companies always have to keep their eyes on the next step on their path to become data performing enterprises. This means they have to continuously review their own status quo and utilize trends and innovations in a targeted way. The challenge is filtering out the data value trends that allow them to generate the most added value at a low expense and low risk from the many available possibilities. To do so, general opportunities – for instance as a result of new technologies or customer expectations – must be tailored to the specific conditions and possibilities within the company. The experts from INFOMOTION support this process, with many years of experience and proven methods.
Through workshops and trend analyses, we support your company in classifying relevant trends and innovations and identifying their useful aspects. We evaluate potential options with you on this basis and develop concrete implementation scenarios. General options are specifically tailored to your company, to relevant processes, action areas, and current challenges. An initial assessment of the situation is carried out without the lead time and complexity of typical strategic projects, and useful steps are defined for further development of the data strategy or adaptations to the data architecture in consideration of the company's individual initial position and current developments. 

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From Analysis of the Status Quo to Roadmap 

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Situational assessment for success-critical areas like technology, team and organization, processes and data. 

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of trends and potential innovations in the industry and line of business, as well as custom technology mapping.

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Recommendations and roadmap

for next steps based on the situational assessment and identifying trends and potentials.

Peter Baumann INFOMOTION
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We support companies in understanding upcoming trends and utilizing them to generate value for their development into data performing enterprises. 

Peter Baumann – Principal Consultant at INFOMOTION
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