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Generate Long-Term Added Value from Data with Data Governance

For companies to successfully generate added value from data, standards and guidelines for collecting, storing, processing and deleting data, as well as ensuring the highest possible transparency must be anchored within the organization. Experts from INFOMOTION support you in creating structures and processes for data governance and establishing them within your company for the long-term.

The only way to achieve agreed targets for data management, including data governance, is with a coordinated step-by-step approach.

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Dr. Bernd Heßbrügge – Principal Consultant at INFOMOTION

Achieving Data Governance Through Strategic Alignment 

In the top-down approach under INFOMOTION's data governance framework, the data governance strategy is used to define and derive the basic principles for data domains, the data life cycle, the data governance organization, guidelines, rules and standards, as well as for data management solutions and tools. 


Democratizing Data for Corporate Success

Without suitable structures and processes for data governance, value creation from data will lag far behind its potential. The same is true if data is handled in too rigid or complex a manner due to data governance. The experts at INFOMOTION can support you in finding the “sweet spot” between anarchy and bureaucracy, to use data democratically throughout the entire company.

Our Data Governance Consulting Services 

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Data processes

Support data management, control access to data, develop and provide data definitions.

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Data quality

Identify deficits, identify duplicates, develop standards, set and understand priorities.

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Data models

Define structures, including data domains and entities as well as key data attributes.

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Target visions for data governance

Data architecture and activity areas, responsibilities, roles and organization

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Define and prioritize suitable measures to achieve the target vision step by step.

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Identify required support from tools (Data Catalog, Master Data Management, Data Quality Management, etc.) and select suitable tools.

Achieving Data Governance through Use Cases

In the bottom-up approach under INFOMOTION's data governance framework, dedicated data governance aspects like roles, work areas, responsibilities, organization, boards, and the concept of rights and roles are developed based on specified use cases. Data governance is established step-by-step through one or more use cases.

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Our experts support you in creating structures and processes for data governance and establishing them within your company for the long term.

Dr. Bernd Heßbrügge – Principal Consultant at INFOMOTION
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