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Data Boost for Your HR Decisions 

Finding and retaining trained professionals remains a challenge, but it is one companies can manage more easily with people analytics. Don't just trust your gut – instead, make data-based staffing decisions. We support you in transforming your decision-making culture and contribute more effectively to the growth of your employees and the company as a whole. 

Better decisions. More human leadership.  

People analytics is more than just HR reporting. Smart algorithms detect patterns and relationships that humans have trouble seeing. Where do your employees’ underutilized strengths lie? Which applicant is best suited for the job? What factors influenced the development of productivity on individual teams? Used correctly, analytics applications add objectivity, transparency and perspective to staffing decisions. If you allow your decisions to be influenced by algorithms, you can act in a fairer and more human-centered way – and make HR's contribution to the success of the company visible.
INFOMOTION supports companies in comprehensively optimizing their HR activities with people analytics. Targeted and focused on your goals. We look beyond choosing and introducing individual applications. After all, data management is the basis for successful people analytics. Data needs to be reliable and easily available for analysis if it is to be used as the basis for everyday decision making. That is why we consider the IT infrastructure, applications, and processes. So you can get meaningful results from your data – and the best from your employees.

The collaboration was outstanding. We were so impressed by the communication and professional approach, that we commissioned a follow-up project right away.

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Thomas Cmelik – Head of Personnel Controlling at the HDI Group

Are you already optimally using your HR data?  

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People analytics – for better decisions throughout the employee life cycle

Our services for your success  

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We start with a thorough analysis of your goals, your challenges, and your HR strategy. Then, we create a custom-tailored analytics vision on this basis.

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We support you in identifying or integrating suitable data sources to create a comprehensive database. We support you in choosing tools and designing a technological target architecture as needed.

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Change management 

Often, successfully introducing people analytics requires a cultural transformation. We support the change process in order to ensure that the new processes and measures are implemented effectively.

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Configuration & data analysis 

We complete advanced analyses to identify patterns, trends and correlations in employee data, and make results available to your team by creating dashboards and reports.

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Ethics & compliance  

Together, we develop regulations so the privacy of your employees remains protected when using people analytics, and so that personal data is used in accordance with ethical standards and applicable law.


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Knowledge transfer 

We train your employees and managers to use analytic tools and methods with confidence, so you can improve your internal competence and get the greatest benefit from a data-driven approach. 

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Proactive decisions in a VUCA world

Rapid technological progress and complex markets make workforce planning a challenge. Human experience and simple statistics are no longer enough to predict developments. Predictive analysis works differently: smart algorithms accurately simulate future scenarios in the VUCA world. For HR managers, they are an essential tool for forward-thinking HR.

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What are the advantages of people analytics?

Workforce cost planning is generally one of the most labor-intensive processes in any HR department. In some cases, departments and management must wait long periods of time for reports and plans. Insurance company HDI was looking for a way to radically reduce its expenses for HR Controlling, and decided to introduce the SAP Analytics Cloud. In our success story, you will learn how we enabled HDI to make a major leap forward in quality in HR reporting and cost planning.

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