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Identify and Develop Data Value Potentials 

Identification and targeted development of data value potentials is a core skill of successful data performing enterprises. With the data value potential scan, we support companies in identifying high-potential business and action areas that would often remain undiscovered. Companies can then prioritize them and develop them in a targeted way according to their potential for contributing value to corporate success. 

Our data value potentials scan is the key to discover or develop business areas with potential value that would otherwise remain hidden in everyday business.

INFOMOTION Hans Henrik Jorgensen-Lyon
Hans Henrik Jorgensen-Lyon – Business Unit Manager at INFOMOTION

Holistic Analysis Along the Supply Chain 

As a company matures on its path to become a data performing enterprise, the expectations stakeholders and sponsors have for results, like profitable data products and their capabilities, also grow. The expectations that decision-makers and business area managers have for data’s impact on corporate success grow exponentially. In contrast, the corporate organization itself – employees, processes, and technologies – naturally grow in a linear fashion. The resulting gap between expectation and what is actually achievable under the concrete conditions within the organization can be a challenge for companies. Many potential opportunities go unused.
INFOMOTION's experts support companies in selecting the data products and projects that promise the greatest added value from a continuously growing pool of opportunities. To use limited resources as efficiently as possible, data value potentials within the company are systematically identified and prioritized for implementation in consideration of relevant criteria – supply chain, digital roadmap, corporate strategy, market, feasibility, and other influencing factors. In workshops and business area analyses, our experts support companies in identifying relevant action areas to increase usability and quality, reduce costs and minimize risks and generate long-term added value from data. 

Data Value Potentials Scan – Methods and Tools 

Magnifying glass, top down analysis, arrows

Holistic analysis with a top-down perspective

Identifying data value potentials in close collaboration with management

Heat map, laptop

Data value potentials heat map

Identifying and prioritizing action areas in the organization for optimization and innovation.

Magnifying glass, thumbs up

Feasibility analysis

Weighing expenses against benefits to prioritize measures for creating data value.

Data collection, hand

Data products collection

Bottom-up analysis and prioritizing potential products, identifying known data use cases.

Magnifying glass, trend

Trend analysis

We contribute knowledge on relevant data technology trends, and support you in evaluating these trends. 

Presentation, trainer in front of a group


Based on proven methods like design thinking and others in our Innovation Labs in Stuttgart and Frankfurt.


Data Value Potentials Scan: Process 

  • Identifying data value potentials based on analyses of business components, data processes and the digital roadmap  
  • Evaluating opportunities in accordance with the strategy and digitization
  • Prioritizing data potentials in a data value potentials heat map
  • Defining goals and measures to utilize potentials

Data Value Potentials Scan: Results

  • Business areas identified with data value potentials
  • Defined scope within the areas  
  • Identified added value of the data value potentials following implementation, in terms of quality, time, scope and costs  
  • Identified impacts on the application landscape, company and industry
INFOMOTION Hans Henrik Jorgensen-Lyon
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We support you in selecting the data products and projects that promise the greatest added value

Hans Henrik Jorgensen-Lyon – Business Unit Manager at INFOMOTION
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