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Autonomous driving can significantly reduce the number of accidents, precise weather warnings save lives, and data-based farming solutions ensure more efficient harvests. All of this would be unthinkable without the intelligent use of data. The solutions of the future will be created from data. If companies want to help shape the future, they must become data-competent organizations. They must become organizations in which data-based work is integral to their missions, to achieve all new dimensions of value creation and efficiency with the help of data. In short: data performance must be their goal – the added value a company can achieve if they strategically collect and analyze data and use it for their goals.

Corporate data performance is essential for a future where we are in control.

The Managing Board of INFOMOTION: Mark Zimmermann, Andreas Naunin, Philipp Hess und Oliver Blüher (from left to right)

What added value are companies already generating from data?

Data helps us identify opportunities – the companies best able to utilize these will dominate their competition.

In light of technological progress and the pressures of global competition, data is becoming more essential to companies’ future viability. Only when companies are able to optimize and automate their organizations based on data will they be able to identify and make use of changes and opportunities early on in today's highly dynamic markets. Excellent data performance ensures process and cost efficiency, as well as customer satisfaction. Many companies are already on the right path. However, to establish themselves as leaders in their industries or secure a market-leading position for the future, they will need new skills and new approaches. Many companies can improve their data performance – usually, they already have the data they need to do so, as well as a desire to innovate. Often, however, companies collect data without embedding use of that data in an overall strategic concept. Silo mentalities and data silos make it tougher to generate value from data, while legacy systems and unclear responsibilities slow down the pace of transformation. Often, companies could move to the next level simply by using data to make a few adjustments to their value chains. What they lack is a fresh perspective, or the knowledge and capacity to turn existing potential into a competitive advantage. That is where INFOMOTION comes into play.

Our mission is to make companies into data-driven entities.

We combine strategic and technological advising, consulting and development, targeted project and long-term process support. We always work to deliver an extra boost of data performance to our customers. In doing so, we value knowledge transfer to ensure companies become data competent, and to ensure they can advance their data performance journeys in the future – with us or on their own.

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Data performance for departments

From Finance to Marketing to HR: data performance transcends departmental boundaries. We provide technology and manufacturer-independent advising depending on your specific goals, and if needed with a focus on individual departments or corporate areas. 

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Data performance for every sector

Every sector has their own unique challenges and requirements. That is why our experts support you with specific industry knowledge and expertise:

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